About Us

Welcome to Extreme Sport Fitness, we are a UK based company supplying fitness equipment and nutrition to sports facilities and homes across the world. our aim is to bring all extreme sports athletes & enthusiasts to the next level by introducing sports packages and equipment tailored to your sports to help you take yourself to the next step whether it be from beginner to intermediate or a pro athlete who needs that extra edge.

Being extreme sport fanatics ourselves we know these sports put our bodies through some serious barriers with the mixture of adrenaline and muscle fatigue our performance drops and so do results, we are here to help that. throughout all extreme sports your body requires strength, endurance, flexibility, Mindset and fuel. our focus is to bring all of these things into one package by using functional training equipment which can be used anywhere whether it be at home, in the garage, in the garden, in the office wherever you choose.
our packages give you everything you need to start improving your performance, health and wellbeing from a few simple tools and guidance. each package is generic for most movements with a few variations to suit your specific sport.